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University of Mississippi Scholarship Deadlines- February 15, 2019

Mississippi State University Scholarship Priority Deadline- December 1, 2018

ICC Scholarship Application Deadline - April 1, 2019,


 Don't forget to fill out the FAFSA and MTAG/MESG if you plan to attend college during the 2019-2020 school year!

The Betty Kelly scholarship  - Deadline is April 30, 2019

This $500 scholarship is for a blind or visually impaired student or the child of a blind or visually impaired parent. Students interested see Mrs. Collier.


The Tombigbee Counseling Association scholarship  - Deadline is April 30, 2019


SENIORS:  Students interested in pursuing a degree in one of the following areas: counseling, psychology, or social work - $250.00 scholarship from Tombigbee Counseling Association.  The application must be submitted to Brittany Rowe at Pontotoc High School by April 30th.  The student will be asked to complete the application and write an essay on the topic listed on the scholarship application.  See Mrs. Collier for applications.

Both documents need to be submitted via email to Brittany Rowe at   Please remember that it must be submitted by April 30th.